Wednesday, December 14, 2005

i be using http://lyanalimkopi.com from now on...so ppl, please adjust accordingly k

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Time for pictures actions!!!!

these are some pictures i took during Mayday concert. the Best concert i've been to. even better than jay's!!!!!

Sundae was wenhui and ah ru wedding....had lots of fun in the morning tekaning the brothers...then dinner at Raffles country club..hmm actually no nice to eat....ok lah pics....

Ly@n@ At 10:36 PM

Monday, December 12, 2005

十二月十日, 我终于在Max Pavilion 被五月天生生的震撼了。



脑海里还响着全场的人一起唱着的歌, 怪兽独之站在平台飚吉他,怪兽和石头的搞笑短片,冠佑和石头的逗趣, 大家唱着知足的twinkle twinkle little stars , 替石头唱生日歌然后叫他许愿有个小石头, 和最后的那首“轧车“。

其实听五月天的个也有5 年了,可是这还是我第一次看他们的concert。希望往后的concert我都能到!


Ly@n@ At 12:21 AM

Saturday, December 10, 2005

hey i got myself my own domain name!!!!!

haha actually tot of getting my own one for quite sometime but nv realli get down to it....

since kahong (my boss) sae he help me apply...so ok lah...get loh..since its onli about $15 a year...

hee..guess wat my domain name is??

its http://lyanalimkopi.com

cool rite???

ke ke wanted to get http://ahlylimkopi.com but its abit lian lah..but its oso very me loh....but finally still decided on lyanalimkopi....

now when u type the new add...its will still link to here....im trying out wordpress...once i get the hang of it...will use dat n start on the new name.

Ly@n@ At 1:06 AM

Thursday, December 08, 2005

i finally graduated!!!!

When I made up my mind to study in September 04, all dat is on my mind is to faster finish my degree n get my cert.

Yes…actually to b frank I really just wan to get my cert....so I enrolled in auston..cos the school allow me to study only the final yr….meaning I onli need to study for 1 yr to get the god damn paper….

But surprisingly. Along the wae I realized I do learn something out of it…..and it has helped me in one wae or another…be it in life or at work…but the shit the school gave us was haiz…dun tok abt it le…

Im just glad dat its finally over…

The convocation yesterdae was a short affair….met up with classmates…chit chat gossip abt the school….abt y our reports are marked by not lecturer but student admin ppl….read: NOT lecturer!!!!

Anywae…it was a good get-together….everyone dressed up like harry potter….haha I looked like a mini one in fact…..

And ta da!!!!! Dat marks the end of my study life….unless I wan to go for masters…which I doubt so….

Ok some pictures for the day.

dats me n may chin......

do i look like mini harry potter minus the glasses?

my classmates......

classmates throughout the whole term

the president from upper iowa universary

ah ah jie and me....

waiting to go get my precious paper....cannot b seen clearly in normal mode so i change to black n white

yes! i got it!!

Ly@n@ At 4:06 PM

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Saw this quiz in miko's blog....i love BLEACH!!!!!

haha n apparently im Chad!!!

y wasnt i Abarai Renji???? sad......

Take The Quiz Yourself!

Ly@n@ At 1:46 PM

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

todae is the first dae in the new office. shifted office over the weekend...can onli sae 1 thing... SHAGGED!!!!

fri afternoon started to pack office...was hectic i would sae cos we still have to operate biz in the morning....and work is piling up....anywae packed all our barangs barangs and made our wae to the new office to put the server and my previous toys!!!!

My Last day at work...taking pic of my desk.

ta da!! after clearing.....desk so empty...gave it a black n white feel...sad (but in fact im very happy we r shifting)

so tired liao still sut sut go pa mahjong loh....haiz..bo bian 2 weeks nv pa liao..hand itchy lah...despite my shagged mentality, still managed to win some $$$......

sat was a full day at the new office....waited for the movers to load our cartons and start unpacking...OMG....unpacking and assembling the tables lah, cables lah, telephone lah is a killer....stayed there from 9am to 9pm...steady!!

The new empty office.....we r at the 3rd storey.....still got a small little attic...actually not small...about the same size as my bedroom

the new desk. window seat ok.....

look at my wallpaper!! JAY!!!

a small portion of my toys

my favourite....Abarai Renji!!!! Bankai Zabimaru!! ok pardon me im crazy.

slowly expanding my collection of devilrobots toys...i love tofu!!!!

normal ppl i think after dat will go home n pi liao rite but ah ly being the ultimate weekender, went pa mahjong again..but this time with jiaxuan n her frenz...well abit not used to it cos used to playing with 40, yuanz n ping where we all will try to make big big n sut sut tiles. i tried to do the same but was nv fast enough cos the gers usually just game whenever they can. haha but the session still cures my crave to play.

anywae...went for the accuputure for the 3rd time todae. weight went down a bit bit le...the sinseh prescribed me some powder medicine to take orally. its suppose to aid in me slimming...hmm waiting to see results.....

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